Tuesday, December 4, 2012

UNITE for CHANGE a Faith Base Political Group In THA Election 2013

Andre Phillips
Coordinator of Unite for Change
Unite for Change is a faith based political group which has signaled its intention to contest the Tobago House of Assembly's Election 2013. One article carried by Tobagonews indicated that they were gathering momentum.

Andre Phillips, the campaign coordinator have informed the public that their intention is to arouse the people within the full gospel community in an effort to garner their support to move them from merely occupying the margins of the governance process to a place where they would occupy the centre of political decision-making. It is important to note that currently the amass the largest religious population share within Tobago.

Yesterday Unite for Change extended their screening process till next Monday. The candidates to be nominated should be identified with sincerity, decency, accountability and righteousness. The party have held two prayer and fast sessions and contends that  the party is important so that good men can prevent evil from prevailing in Tobago.

The party's main thrust is to put individuals from faith-based organisations in the Assembly's Legislature.

Unite for Change was introduced by Andre Phillips on September 28 with a public prayer and fast session at the Botanic Gardens.

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