Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jack Warner Must be In a Stupor

According to a Sunday Express report  Security Minister Jack Warner did not declared his assets in the Teachers' Credit Union to the Integrity Commission within recent years.

The report noted that Warner has shares in his name which were valued at $611,126.23 as at January 1, 2011. However, when questioned about the misrepresentation of his information to the Integrity Commission, Warner replied, that the blame and questions should be directed to his Accountant. 

How can a Minister who has the sole responsibility to declare his asset ascribe blame to his Accountant? Jack Warner has to be in a Stupor. No conscious person in managerial positions, leadership roles, heads of section etc would ascribe blame to junior staff given a document would have entered the public domain erroneously with his or her signature. Why didn't Basdeo Panday when he was being Locked UP tell the police to go for his Accountant, because his accountant would have been the one who forgot to put in the London Account?  

Jack Warner must be sleeping or in an effort to be ridiculously stupid or in his effort to dismiss questions from the Express (a paper they described as being anti government) formulate this frivolous answer/response. Jack Warner your answer is Stupid, Lacking Intelligence or Common sense.
The law is clear, that all assets and liabilities are to be declared and once you as Minister would have affixed your signature to a document, it matters not who would have been the originator of the document it becomes yours and as a result all responsibility for the content is ascribed to you. 

The truth about this is that the Account is an old account and should not be hard to justify it being left out. The action of trying to dissociate your responsibility for the omission speaks volumes to your character. Be a man and admit that the account was omitted on purpose or other wise.  

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