Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tobago man’s throat slit in Moruga brawl

Police are searching for a man who reportedly slit the throat of Tobago labourer Nelton De Vignes during a dispute at a bar on Sunday. Des Vignes remains warded in a serious condition at the San Fernando General Hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. 

Police said De Vignes, 44, of Bethel Main Road, was among friends at a bar in Moruga. Des Vignes and the suspect had a misunderstanding. The man pulled a knife, grabbed Des Vignes by the neck and went after his throat. 
Des Vignes was taken to the Princes Town District Hospital and treated, then transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital later that night.

Police, supervised by PC Roopnarine, were up to late yesterday in search of the man. Police are appealing to anyone with helpful information to contact 656-6606. Investigations are continuing.

Reproduced from Trinidad Guardian

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