Sunday, December 9, 2012

London Wants Jack to Explain how He Funded his Multi Million $$ House

Chief Secretary, Tobago House of Assembly
Orville London
The Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Orville London has now become one of the latest skeptic as to how Ashworth Jack would have funded his multi million dollar home at Mt. St. George. London stated that "He (Jack) made a downpayment on the land, worth $1 million, and in 12 years was not able to pay for the land, yet in the last two years he was able to build a multi-million dollar home". 

Jack's ability to build a multi million dollar home without the help of Financial Institutions while still owing for the parcel of land on which the house was built, have cause much debate of within the Tobago communities."I think Mr Jack has a lot of explaining to do in the shortest possible time so that he can deal with a lot of the issues that are troubling the people of Tobago," London said.

Jack in a bid to justify and quell all suspicions about whether his financing of his home was above board indicated that he worked four jobs, one being a project manager with a take home salary of 35,000 monthly.  

As a result of that, London also called on the Integrity Commission to investigate Jack's income claims.

"His home must be placed in the context of him not submitting documents to the Integrity Commission for the last two years," London said. "I hope the Integrity Commission is interested in speaking to him". Yesterday Jack also came under fire from Jennifer Baptiste Primus at i95.5 FM on a radio interview. In one particular village in Tobago, young men were seen becoming angry at his response and suggestion of pumpkin and cucumber playing a part in building a multi-million dollar house. Some even suggest that they should start to plant pumpkin and cucumber much to some good laughter. 

Jack in his political meeting lastnight stated that he makes no apology for building himself a beautiful home.

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