Saturday, December 15, 2012


The Tobago Regional Health Authority will this weekend embark on a massive exercise to transfer all patients currently housed at the Scarborough Regional Hospital, Fort King George to the new Scarborough General Hospital at Signal Hill.

The 100-bed hospital at Signal Hill was handed over to the Division of Health and Social Services two weeks ago. At last Thursday's media briefing, Health Secretary Claudia Groome-Duke had announced that the new hospital would be fully operational by December 15.

In a media release issued on Friday, the Tobago Regional Authority announced the Inter-facility Transfer of Patients from Scarborough Regional Hospital to Scarborough General Hospital. This transfer of patients is scheduled for Saturday from 8 a.m. and is expected to last throughout the day.

According to the release, all patients and their families will be notified in writing of the specifics of the transfer. Pre identified family members will be notified of the status of each patient before and after the transfer. Patients will be transported via ambulance service by their respective wards. Nurses, and where necessary, physicians will accompany patients during the transfer.

To facilitate the transfer, visiting hours will be suspended on Saturday. Emergency room services will commence at the Scarborough General Hospital (Signal Hill) at 6 am on Saturday and all emergencies would be received at the Scarborough General Hospital (Signal Hill).

Operating Room and Pharmacy services will also commence at the Scarborough General Hospital on Saturday.
The controversial facility which cost taxpayers some $700 million has come under much scrutiny over the extended construction period and more recently, the delay in opening.

Questions have also been raised about the readiness of the facility for a full-fledged opening given that some of the equipment was still being tested and the uncertainty of the functioning of the incinerator. Several doctors told Tobago News that they are yet to be properly notified by the Chief Medical Officer of the transfer.

The transfer of patients would involve the police service and there is expected to be some disruption to the flow of traffic.

Reproduced from TobagoNews

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