Friday, December 14, 2012

Road Rage in Scarborough: More Traffic Police Needed

Motorist Seen Breaking the Law in Tobago
The Christmas season is here and with it has brought some undesirables such as increase in traffic. Traffic in and around Scarborough has become a pain staking endeavor for most motorist. With many of the minor roads closed, all traffic must now try to manuveur on the major routes. As a result many drivers are not being  discourteous and inconsiderate in their quest to escape the traffic woes. 

 However, we cannot continue to drive all unconcerned about our fellow drivers. It is for this reason, Tobagodaily is calling on the Traffic Department of the TTPS to position officers at known areas where traffic offenses are most likely to be committed.  The TTPS must endeavor to take pro-active measures to ensure that all traffic signs are observed and the all traffic laws adhered to. 

Recently, we are seeing serious infringement of the traffic laws at the junction of Wilson Road, Dutch Fort and Darrel Spring. Tobagodaily have witnessed vehicles streaming up across T&TEC and attempting to filter left even against oncoming traffic when they would have meet as far as Royal Castle. This must stop. It is a dangerous practice, it can cause severe injury to life and damages to vehicle. 

Tobagodaily therefore calls on the relevant authorities to deploy officers within this area to deal with this dangerous practice and this blatant law breaking attitude that is committed without reservation by even Taxi drivers. 

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