Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vernella Calls for Race Talk to Stop

Vernella Toppin
MP for Tobago East

The issue of race continues to be a main talking point on the political platforms of the PNM and TOP, as the race to the polls moves forward. In an interview with Tobago News, Tobago East Representative Vernella Alleyne Toppin, the minister made a plea for the race talk to stop, noting that it sets a dangerous precedence.
"What are we talking about, ethnic cleansing? What are we talking about, you understand? So I am very sad about what he is saying. I think that alone should disqualify Mr. London from being a leader in Tobago," Alleyne- Topin said.

Alleyne- Toppin is confident of the TOP making a clean sweep in the polls, and she is predicting ten to two, or a total twelve seats in the TOP's favor. She is also predicting TOP Leader Ashworth Jack will be the next Chief Secretary.

"I think that the hand of God is on his life," Alleyne- Toppin said.
She does not believe her past Government credit card woes will be a stumbling block towards the TOP winning the January 21st polls. In fact she has no regrets the TOP continues to be one of the four parties of the People's Partnership Government. Pleasing the national public is a hard task, and what she tries most to please God, she insisted.

"Is the government corrupt in your opinion? The government is definitely not corrupt. The government deals with issues very clearly, very fairly, very openly and we have no record of corruption," she said.
She said while some supporters within the PNM will not put on a yellow jersey in fear of victimization, others would listen at home and on election day stain their fingers for the TOP. Tobagonians, she said are encouraged to make the best choice.

"Make a choice for better education, make a choice for better community development, and make a choice for better jobs," she said.

reproduced from the Tobago news

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