Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ancil Born Ready Dennis takes over Buccoo Last night

Ancil Dennis
Last night at the Buccoo Meeting
The Peoples National Movement continue to gain unwavering support from its followers during the run up to Election day 21st of January. Last night the PNM rolled into Buccoo and Bethel to ask the members of the public to support their various candidates. 

From 6:30 P.M. supportes began to tricking on the site where the meeting would be held. By 6:55 the meeting begun with a small contingent of supporters, which  before long and with a constant stream  eventually grew into a sizable lively audience. The meeting chairman began by leveling blows on the composition of TOP, saying that the PNM was the only Party to combine both youth and experience. 

The first speaker for the night was Dr. Anslem London or Mr. Money Man as they called him. He echoed the sentiments of one of his budget presentation  which has now become one of PNM's campaign slogan "Protecting Tobago Heritage". He highlighted that the community of Buccoo would have benefited alot under the PNM, choosing to highlight the Business Centre, the Buccoo Integrated facility, Buccoo school and health centre as major deliverables from PNM. 

Stanford calender also was among the speakers and told the people of Buccoo that he expects Ancil to be the longest serving member in the history of the Assembly. Referencing the other candidates of the contending parties, he drew an anology with the show "the good, the bad and the Ugly. However, he gave it a little twist stating that Ricardo Phillip was in the class of the "indifferent" as no one knows him. Richard Alfred was the bad and Ancil 'Born Ready' Dennis was the good. 

The Public relations officer of the PNM Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus addressed the crowd, stating that we must not accept the atrocities of the PP government and urging the crowd gather to pull the plug on the TOP.  Each speaker maintained that a vote for TOP is a vote of the UNC.

Ancil Dennis then took to the stage in warm and electrifying welcome by supporters. Without delay he started on his main opponents TOP stating that he has the Cure and Immunization for the Yellow Fever drawing the already stirred up crowd into further frenzy. No one could have glean that he was a green as he stood firm and confident displaying poise and charisma, stirring and moving the crowd as spoke. He promised that he would work hard as their representative to alleviate flooding in certain parts of Carnbee, provide opportunities for young persons who would like to start their own business and provide a transpotation system for the elderly  in an effort to assist them further than merely getting them to Scarborough but also getting them to health care facilities and drugs stores. 

The last speaker of the night was the Tobago Political leader of the PNM Orville London. He roll was to endorse Ancil Dennis and urge the people of Buccoo/Mt.Pleasant to vote for the PNM come January 21st 2013. Noting that PNM had owed a debt to the people of Buccoo, he stated that in the worst of PNM times Buccoo or as it were Buccoo/Lambeau stood up and was the only seat that they won which kept them alive. Speaking highly of Ancil he told the people that the PNM does not choose people to serve, but chooses people who have already served. As such, he said Ancil loves people, Served people and would continue to serve people after the 21st of January. He also highlighted the many achievements of the PNM in the community and noted that PNM had paid their dues to the people of Buccoo. He told the people to choose wisely, and on election day to vote for their candidate Ancil 'Born Ready' Dennis.



  1. The Business Centre, the Buccoo Integrated facility? REALLY? Is PNM really going to stand there on a platform and say they have given these to Buccoo? What does this mean? How does the Village benefit from these? The village council, the villagers, village groups have zero access to these facilities- as every other citizen in Trinidad and Tobago they have to apply and wait for approval and pay to use these facilities. A big locked up area with zero rights. Give us back our space to build something that will benefit the VILLAGE. Did you know the Village council has to apply to use the facility to host the Buccoo Goat Race Festival?!! ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS!

  2. Go Ancil u will win


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