Wednesday, January 9, 2013

London Releases Manifesto

The only manifesto released so far in the build-up to the Tobago House of Assembly election on January 21 is that of the People's National Movement (PNM). The manifesto, which contains 60 pages, is based on the theme 'In Defence of Tobago, Protecting Our Heritage, Securing the Future".

PNM Tobago Council leader and THA Chief Secretary Orville London waved the document on Sunday at Market Square in Scarborough before thousands of PNM supporters at the presentation of candidates.
In the middle pages is the heading, "The Team You Can Trust In Defence of Tobago", led by London and his 11 candidates.

On page 38 is the "Vision of the next frontier" and "The defence of Tobago".
Some of the future prospects include:
1. Greater autonomy and devolution to Tobago and the THA
2. The recognisation of the interests of Tobagonians in the revised constitution
3. The establishment of an anti-corruption strategy for the THA
4. The modernisation of THA Operations and
5. The strengthening of land and property rights among others.
6. The regularisation of land titling in Tobago
7. Establishment of Specialised Institutes (Programmes) in Forestry and Heritage Studies
8. The mobilisation of diasporic funds
9. The reformation of the Tobago Heritage Land Trust
10. The establishment of the Tobago Think Tank

Throughout the booklet there are headings such as Health Care, Tourism, Housing, Infrastructure and Transportation.

In conclusion, the PNM manifesto says to defend Tobago the party is not engaged in reaction, but rather in proactive initiatives to take the people and the island to the next level.

The Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) and Platform For Truth (PFT) are yet to reveal their respective manifestos.

Reproduced from TrinidadExpress

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