Friday, January 25, 2013

Ash-Worth more than Nothing?

Ashworth Jack, Leader of the TOP
photo by O.J.Noel
More than forty eight hours have passed since the 'Red Wash' of the THA's election, and still no word from the dejected TOP Leader Ashworth Jack. Jack in his concession speech told the media that he took full responsibility for the TOP's defeat, adding that the party will assess where it went wrong and all decisions regarding his future role in the party and politics in general would be under consideration. He further stated that he would make a decision regarding his political future within 48 hours.

It is now five days after the humiliating defeat of the TOP by PNM, and by all means it might be a part of history that Ashworth Jack would probably like to forget as PNM made double history, claiming for the first time the seat of Providence/Mason hall/Moriah and dished out a 12-0 beating on their competitors. 

The silence of the former Minority Leader has been astoundingly deafening as he has failed once more to keep his word and provide a statement/s on his future. Perhaps he needs much more time to reflect on what went wrong, as he himself admitted shock over the results stating that he could not say offhand what the party did wrong. It should therefore be no wonder why he has taken more than 48 hours in his evaluation of the results and of his own political career.  One thing is sure, the party might be down but it isn't out, Jack may have to be dethroned, but his experience can only be invaluable to the party he founded. 

Worry not folks, Jack might still be in the pack, as a stalwart of politics it might be fitting to say Ash is worth more than nothing. 

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  1. He is worthless.....facking worthlesd!


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