Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hochoy offers to seek UN help for Tobago

Hochoy Charles Leader of the TPT

Leader of The Platform for Truth Hochoy Charles says he is willing to assist the executive of the Tobago House of Assembly for the future development of the island free of charge. Shortly after the inauguration of the new executive council last Thursday, when the position of minority leader was declared vacant by President George Maxwell Richards, Chief Secretary Orville London said he would be initiating talks with  Charles, a former chief secretary, and economist Vanus James.

However, speaking on a television show in Tobago on Tuesday morning, Charles said he wanted to ensure that Tobago was liberated and empowered, hence the reason the TPT entered the THA election. He said any team that got into the house should seek power from the Parliament and if it is not granted they should seek redress with the United Nations, and he was willing to the assist the current THA in that respect.

“I am in Tobago to make sure that Tobago is liberated and empowered, that’s my only interest in Tobago,” he said. “The purpose was to go to the Government with your team in order to get your power, failing which you can take the matter to the UN so that it could have been able to be settled. “That’s the issue that confronts Tobago and confronts Mr London and I am prepared to offer him the best advice possible and I say gratis, free,” he said.

On the issue of there being no minority leader in the THA after the PNM won all 12 seats at the polls, Charles said there was no need for the post until there was internal self-government and Tobago had the ability to make its own laws “What are you going to oppose when the assembly gets its power to make laws and you have to have bills?” he said.

“There is where you need a government and a minority...That is what the election should have been about, that Tobago should get its power to control Tobago, including our space. “You know what self-government means? Your power, and it’s only when you know what power they plan to give you, you will know whether you have self-government or not, not just go bandying about talking about self-government,” Charles said.

Reproduced from Trinidad guardian

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