Thursday, January 10, 2013

PNM's Red Army Moved Into TOP's Territory.

Sheldon Cunningham, Speaking at Moriah Last Night
The People's National Movement rolled in the heart of enemy territory last night, when they held their political campaign meetings at Mason Hall and Moriah. The villages of Moriah and Mason Hall falls in the Constituency of Providence/Mason Hall, Moriah which is currently held by their main rival in the up coming THA elections Ashworth Jack political leader of the TOP.

At both locations a large, lively, energized crowd of supporters could have been seen as Tobagodaily moved in to capture the atmosphere of  the PNM's Red Brigade and PNM's Red Army. Supporters armed with drums, flags and bells danced and waved as speeches were given by the various speakers for the night.

Among the speakers was the main challenger to Ashworth Jack, Mr. Sheldon Cunningham. He was described as a brave, service oriented, service driven man who would put the interest of the people first. Opting to speak without the use of a prepared script Cunningham weighed in on some of the successes of the PNM within the constituency. He said after the 21st of January that this constituency after sixteen (16) years would be a PNM constituency. His speech was done with passion and conviction and speaking from his heart he asked for the support of all.

Orville London Speaking at Moriah 
The leader of the PNM Tobago, Orville London, was also among the speakers. Taking the stage he called for more music as the large truck blasted out PNM hits while supporters danced and waved their PNM flags. He began by stating that when the PNM looks for representatives they began by looking for persons who have served.  "Sheldon is a man of service, the people of this constituency have been short changed" London stated. He continued by saying Sheldon has more visibility than the current representative and that the people has confidence in Sheldon as they already have in the PNM.

Further he highlighted the progress in the two areas. Speaking about the North-side Regional Centre that they have developed in Moriah, the Repairs of Schools, and Road Infrastructure. At Mason he made reference to the 100 leases that they have given out to the people of Cocoa Watty Trace, the Mason Hard Court, and the Field which is being lit in addition to Road Infrastructure. He then gave Ashworth Jack some advise stating that the people of Tobago does not want a Chief Secretary who when every-time they hear the word 'Pumpkin' people begins to laugh. London continued saying, that once people starts to laugh you, it is time to leave and Sheldon Cunningham would help him to do that.

Dr. Keith Rowley speaking at Moriah last night
Dr. Keith Rowley was also part of the presenters for the night. His presentation began on the premise that  the TOP is part of the Coalition Government, the Peoples Partnership. He then noted that the choice in this election is easy, as the PP is the worst Government in history which is full of lies and deceit.  He also attempted to distant himself and the party from statements made by Hilton Sandy at a political meeting in Dalaford. Stating that Sandy's statement was not the position of the PNM and that he was proud that their is no major Scandal of the PNM's Track record over the past twelve (12) years.

He also talked about a Letter which he received from the office of the Prime Minister on Constitutional Reform through then Minister Colin Partap. The letter spoke of a Constitution Commission whose mandate would be to establish a new Constitution for Trinidad and Tobago. Noting that the effects of Constitutional Reform is far reaching, Rowley stated that the PNM would not cooperate with the Government on the issue of Internal self Government for Tobago unless they establish a "Tripartite Agreement". This tripartite agreement must involve the Upper House, the Lower House and the Tobago House of Assembly.  He further noted that they would only support reform under the condition that appropriate consultation is held, a committee formed comprising members from Government, Opposition, and the THA with the inclusion of an appropriate chairman. This committee must present a report which would then be taken to the THA for debate/discussion, then to the Cabinet before coming to the Parliament.

Rowley stated that the way the current Government is going about the issue of Tobago Self Governance is wrong. They (the Government) would not receive any cooperation from the PNM in this manner. He noted that the issue of Self Governance has now become hostage to the TOP's Campaign and PNM would not support it.

Other notable speakers were Tasha Frank-Youth Speaker and Wendell Berkeley-Chairman of the PNM-Tobago East .

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