Friday, March 1, 2013

New Bus Terminus -Tobago

Picture of Tobago Old Bus Station before being destroyed to accomodate
the Victor E.Bruce Financial Complex
-Photo taken by Bob Brent

Both passengers and workers at the temporary bus terminus in Sangster's Hill, Scarborough are expressing frustration over the delay in providing a new facility that can adequately handle the daily operations of the crucial transport service.

Passengers have been complaining about congestion since the location can only accommodate a few busses at a time. It has also proven a logistical nightmare for staff who have to operate out of the facility on a daily basis.

Temporary Location of Tobago Bus Terminus 

In the year 2004, the Public Transport Service Corporation terminus was relocated to its present location at Sangster's Hill. This decision was taken as a temporary measure to provide accommodation to passengers while the earthquake ravaged structure was being reconstructed. The transition period was expected to last eighteen months. This was to give the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities enough time to reconstruct the old Terminus. Now, nine years since the temporary move was taken, the PTSC Terminus is still located at Sangster Hill, and the former site is now occupied by the Victor E Bruce Financial Complex.

Tobago News spoke with the Assistant Deputy General Manager Henry Cooke, who indicated that the Terminus is woefully inadequate.

According to Cooke, "Despite the challenges, we have been patient and cooperative, and have maintained a good relationship with THA. However, our employees have become anxious and are hoping for better conditions in the shortest time possible.

"Initially, when the selection for the temporary station was agreed upon, catering and consideration were organised for a smaller staff. Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in staffing. In 2004, there were 40 Bus Driver's, four Property Protection Operation Officers, a few Security Officers and Clerical Workers. Today there has been an expansion of seventy bus drivers, thirty Property Protection Operation Officers and six additional routes. This congestion is creating havoc for staff as well as passengers."

He explained that sourcing an appropriate location for a terminus in Scarborough comes with some difficulties. Cooke noted that, "There were two proposed locations, one at the corner of Sangster's Hill and the other at the Garden Side Car Park." Cooke said the PTSC was not informed of the decision to use the old location to construct the Financial Complex.

Efforts made to contact Hilton Sandy, under who jurisdiction the terminus was promised, proved futile.


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