Monday, May 13, 2013

PNM lead THA Celebrates First 100 days in Office

Despite complaints about funding from the Central Government, the Orville London led THA proudly boasted about its achievements for the first 100 days in office. After claiming all 12 seats in the January 21, THA election, the new administration has gone full speed ahead with its programmes in all Divisions.

Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Hilton Sandy has led the charge with over seventy projects in road repairs, community centre repairs, lighting of sports grounds, drainage and upgrades to a number of schools. No doubt there would have been collaboration with the other Divisions for these projects to be done. The lighting of sports grounds for example must have had some input from the Sports Division while the work on community centres has been done in coordination with the Division of Community Development and Culture.

The Division of Health and Social Services led by the experienced Claudia Groome-Duke has impacted in a wide array of areas. Counseling and work in domestic violence, healthy lifestyles, chronic disease, garbage collection and efforts to eradicate mosquito and other insects, plus preparation work to deal with drug addiction, are all highlighted in the THA’s first 100 days in office. The addition of 75 workers to the staff of Health and Social Services is another plus for the Division during the first 100 days of this THA administration. The Gary Melville and Jomo Pitt led Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports have projected the launch of the Lalonde Gordon Sport Fund with one million dollars. The Division’s training for students in leadership and self esteem, assistance to Carifta Games athletes and assistance to sports organisations and athletes, are again all stand outs in terms of the first 100 days of the THA.

The THA has also given financial assistance to a wide range of individuals and organisations such as calypso Tents, steelbands, church organisations, the Song Fest, Dream Event, Shinya Toppin and Good Friday; all received $100,000 while $280,000 was granted to Pete Gray’s Print Media House, Franz Job, Just More Vibes and Hush Ultra, among others.

At the same time, the Tracy Davidson-Celestine led Tourism Division launched a six-month institutional strengthening and capacity building Strategic Plan Programme for Bread and Breakfast Association. A new campaign to promote Tobago’s tourism was directed at the Canadian market in March while 50 Nigerian students were taken in at the Hospitality and Tourism Institute in Tobago.

Additionally 390 Tobagonians benefitted from the one million dollars distributed by the THA’s Home Improvement Fund. Forty nine Tobagonians in business benefitted from the $900,000 paid out while the much anticipated Cove Eco Industrial Park had its first tenant. These are only a sample of the achievements of the Orville London led PNM THA in their first 100 days in office.


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