Monday, May 13, 2013

Scarborough Library Staff Move to New Building Next Month

After more than 10 years of waiting, staff of the Scarborough Regional Library are expected to occupy the new building in downtown Scarborough next month, Education, Youth Affairs and Sport secretary Gary Melville disclosed.

He said the building was more than 95 per cent complete and furniture and equipment are expected to be in  place in time for the staff who currently occupy an annex to the Signal Hill Secondary School following earthquake damage to the old building some years ago. 

The new library will also have a science centre. The Roxborough Library will be expanded and an automated library service will be introduced at all libraries.

Melville, who presented plans last Friday for his division at the Face-to-Face session in the democratisation process at the Argyle Community Centre, also disclosed that a new school for the deaf and hearing-impaired will commence shortly, while the Happy Haven School for the physically challenged will be expanded.

In addition a new Scarborough RC Primary School is to be built later this year in lower Scarborough and a new Scarborough Secondary School is to be built at a new site. 

Melville also disclosed that the Technical/Vocational labs at the Roxborough and Signal Hill Secondary Schools are to be upgraded while proposals were being considered to establish a technical/vocational academy.

He said primary schools are to be fitted with new computer labs and pupils will be introduced to a new broader based curriculum.

Melville said there were challenges facing teacher training, recruitment and retention. However, he said, the division was well on its way to playing its part in the education of Tobagonians.

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