Monday, May 6, 2013

Power Outage Plague Residents of Mason Hall

The residents of Mason Hall are outraged at the frequency in lost of power over the pass days. The residents  are calling upon the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission to rectify the problem with all urgency. 

Residents of Mason Hall have been experiencing frequent interruptions in their electricity supply from Thursday last-week, with the frequency of these interruptions increasing over the weekend.

In one night electricity was recorded as going in excess of five times, sometimes returning in less than two minutes of the interruption. 

The residents of Mason Hall have expressed grave concern to this development, as these power outrages are causing gross inconveniences to domestic and business personnel and pose an immediate threat to the state of persons appliances. 

Information reaching Tobagodaily indicates that T&TEC have deployed two emergency crew to try and ascertain the cause of the power outages. Meanwhile the members of Mason would welcome an explanation to this unfortunate development and look forward to the regular and reliable supply of electricity to its community. 

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