Monday, May 6, 2013

TOP Internal Elections

The Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) is about to rise up and get on the move after suffering a crushing defeat in the last THA elections. The Ashworth Jack led Party which secured over eleven thousand votes in the last THA election but failed to win a seat is still part of the Central Government.

At a Party news conference last Tuesday at its Old Market Square headquarters, he, Political Leader Ashworth Jack and Party Chairman Lionel Coker fielded questions from media representatives. It was Party Chairman Lionel Coker who revealed that “the TOP will hold elections for eleven posts within the Party on Sunday June 02, from 9:30am at the Rovannel’s Resort.

According to Coker, “the election will be held on a one man, one vote basis and nominations for posts will on May 13, 4 pm. The eleven positions which will be contested are, chairman, Deputy Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary/treasurer, assistant relations and communications officer, education and training officer, membership and mobilisation officer, women development officer and youth development officer.

“The term of the political leader is due to end in 2014, so that post will not be contested,” Coker explained. The TOP Chairman further indicated, “The TOP will meet before the internal elections on Sunday May 26 from 3pm at the Mason Hall Secondary School. He explained that “this meeting will be the start of the Annual General Meeting of the Party, which will conclude with the internal elections the following week.” He made it clear that, “it will be at the Mason Hall meeting when the Party will ratify the Party’s constitution to make the ‘one man one vote’ an integral part of the voting process.”

Coker said that the TOP will be connecting with the Tobago public after the Party’s Internal elections are over.


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