Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tobago Top Cops: Getting Tough On Rising Crime

Serious crimes are up in Tobago and Assistant Commissioner of Police (Tobago) Heflin George and Senior Superintendent Garfield Moore say the war to send the cri­minals packing is on.

George is disappointed with the upsurge among a population of more than 55,000 in Tobago and said his officers will do what it takes to reverse the negative trend. 
Some of the crime hot spots in Tobago are Bethel, Glen Road, Low­­er Scarborough, Blenheim, Sou Sou Lands, Canaan Bon Accord and Plymouth.

“We have some serious concerns about serious crimes in Tobago, especially break-ins and lar­ce­ny, robberies, as the case may be,” George said on Friday.

In 2009, Tobago was at the bottom of the statistics in crime, out of nine Police Service divisions in Trinidad and Tobago. 

But now, Tobago stands at number seven.
Senior Superintendent Moore called this an indictment on the service which must be changed.
He said delinquent officers will feel the full brunt of the law if found guilty of assisting criminals. 
And he insisted that police brutality reports were being investigated.

“I am aware some of those reports are outstanding, but the reports are not going to be swept below the table. We will investigate them to ensure if any wrong-doing comes to our knowledge that the appropriate action is taken,” Moore said.

The lawmen said though it was a daunting task, all was not lost as community police patrols had been stepped up, additional training for the police was ongoing and closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in Tobago were fully operational.

No criminal will be allowed to slip through the cracks, they said. 
Additionally, there is also co-op­eration between Tobago police and the Citizens Security Programme, and senior officers pro­mised within the next two months, citizens can expect significant results in the fight against crime. 


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