Thursday, June 27, 2013

Group to take Cabinet to court over Firetruck Fiasco

Philip Alexander, head of the Citizens Union of Trinidad and Tobago, says his group plans to take the Cabinet to court for the $6.8 million firetruck fiasco. 

Speaking on the TV6 Morning Edition on Tuesday, Alexander said his group is committed to serving the Government with a pre-action protocol letter on the issue to make a point that it is possible to hold the Government accountable for its actions.

“Legal action against the Government is our commitment, to make a point that people power works, to make a point if the people wanted to make this country work they could, to make a point that it is possible, that is the purpose of it.

“The people (of this country) are looking to hear that there is another way and perhaps they might be motivated to get in line with that and not special interest any more, not looking to feather their own nests. 
“I am saying to you I have zero interest in any public office,” Alexander said.

Alexander, who spoke of contradictions in the explanations given by those who approved the release of the $6.8 million to retrieve the firetruck from a precipice in Blanchisseuse last November, claimed to be 400 feet down, said he released video footage that showed this to be untrue as well as video footage that showed that the length of time and effort that was initially stated as having been put into the retrieval of the truck was untrue.

The group has since written to Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard SC on the issue, who in turn referred the matter for a police investigation.
Alexander said Gaspard’s response to its letter is encouraging. 
Source: trinidadexpress

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