Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh how the mighty has fallen; Jack Warner Is In a Dark Corner

Jack Warner
Oh how the mighty has fallen. Jack Warner a controversial yet popular political figure, one described as a man possessed with tremendous political skills, is now precipitously perched on the edge of a political cliff staring at certain political death. But Warner is no stranger to this familiar ground, as he was once thought to be at this juncture in his infamous career. Somehow he turned his fate around,  rebounding emphatically in March 24th 2012 after being re-elected as Chairman in the UNC's  executive election where he received 12,656 votes - the highest number of votes cast in the election. However, this time he might not escape the onslaught as his demise seems inevitable, battling against a  gruesome political tide in a bid to survive this well orchestrated plan to oust him from the hierarchy and membership of the UNC. 

For non believers and infidels, Karma is real. I remember Warner speaking not too long ago, to the now politically voiceless Manning stating  that " Pride goeth before destruction, and an a haughty spirit before a fall ", never stopping to heed his own advise. Now, in almost similar fashion as Manning's mid-term demise, Jack has found himself dying a slow political death, which can only be resuscitated by his blind "eat ah fooders" within his former constituency. 

Warner the untouchable, trained his guns on every and anyone who seemingly opposed him. From ordering the Police to withhold crime statistics from the Media, to Religious leaders and even the President. No one escaped his tongue as Warner accused Rev Colin Sampson of turning Trinity Cathedral “into Balisier House”, and launched an attack on the President of the Republic, accusing him of using his office to bolster a PNM's agenda. Warner, a self proclaimed “incorruptible" seemed to have had a hold on the Peoples Partnership, insofar that he was almost answerable to no one. Many were of the opinion that Warner some how possessed critical files on the membership of the  hierarchy within the UNC; somehow proving to be indispensable while acting as the man in charge of all in the PP. 

Today those speculations can be laid to rest as the once powerful Warner is being challenged in unfamiliar manner by those he would have devoted his life, time, energy and high financial reach. The UNC to which he has embraced, has now turned their guns on him in a final bid to rid the Party of Kamla's greatest internal threat. It is for that reason a young Khadijah Ameen would be chosen over all else. Jack Warner has now been finally pushed into a dark corner where his political survival rest on those loyal to him ( the eat ah fooders within his former constituency) and a choice to contest the Chaguanas West seat as an Independent.

As the plot thickens,Warner is now between a rock and a hard place. A choice between certain political death or expulsion from the party he has fought hard and long to survive in, stares at him with piercing eyes. Jack Warner is now on a perilous part to an inglorious political end as he making a desperate survival move quietly going to the EBC as he plots and set in motion his plan B. He has now accused the UNC of pre-selecting Ameen and that the screening process was just a farce. It is known knowledge that Warner is Kamla's greatest internal threat and she has only now been able to have a perfect opportunity to rid her self of this this impending danger. It is for this reason among others that Jack Warner has found himself in a dark corner, dying slowly a political death at the hands of his own leader, and who can stop it?,  save the one that would have started it.   

I can see political angels flying through the air proclaiming their message "Hear ye!, ohh, hear ye!, Jack Warner is fallen, is fallen"! I have no doubt that these are the darkest hours yet for the mighty Jack Warner. His hands are bound and political vultures  are circling over head, preparing to feast on his dying political corpse. Remember the good old book says, "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap, for he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption"... 

Oh how the mighty has fallen.

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