Thursday, September 5, 2013

New T&TEC Sub-station Open in Studley Park

A loud hum at T&TEC’s new Studley Park sub-station at exactly 11:13 a.m. today signalled that residents of Windward Tobago will now have a more reliable electricity supply.

General Manager Kelvin Ramsook said this first phase of the sub-station was birthed out of town meetings with residents of Windward Tobago, including Charlotteville, almost one year ago. In this first phase, 33 kilo volts (kv) have now been energised, and phase two will include the completion of the more permanent 66KV sub-station at Studley Park. 

He says the circuit to feed areas such as Pembroke, Glamorgan, Roxborough, Charlotteville and L’anse Fourmi now starts at Studley Park instead of Scarborough, thus increasing reliability of supply. Ramsook apologised to residents of communities which have had traditionally poor electricity supplies, and he paid tribute to all the hard-working staff of T&TEC for having this temporary sub-station up and running from the preparation of the site to the commissioning in just 33 days.

He also thanked the Tobago House of Assembly for its assistance in getting the sub-station up and running, and added that the North Side electricity feeder station will be completed in 2014.


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