Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Demons Attack Students at Harmon High School

Harmon High School in Rockly Vale was thrown into a state of chaos when several students began acting strange following class worship last week Friday. 

The school is operated by the Tobago Mission of Seventh-day Adventist (SDA). 

Tobago News received reports that the students began crying and screaming loudly as if under the control of “spirits” or supernatural forces. Contacted, Public Relations Officer Wilfred DesVignes confirmed the incident. 

“I was at the school meeting with the principal, when I heard the commotion,” he revealed. 
On investigation, we realised that several students were behaving unusual, screaming and crying loudly,” related DesVignes.

“We took one of the students to the library and held a prayer session there with him.  He kept bawling that he didn’t want to go to hell. We were able to calm him down. It would seem that the student was oblivious of what had happened and could have been in a state of stupor because when he became normal again, he asked us what he was doing there,” related DesVignes. 

Within recent times Tobago have been plague with cases of spiritual possession of young students at several other secondary schools on the island.

DesVignes could not confirm if any of these students could have been admitted to Harmon as a repeater student. 

Several parents had contacted Tobago News about this latest development expressing concerns about the exposure of their children to these open manifestations of spiritual forces at this and other secondary schools.


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