Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No Arrest in Baby's Death

Kimora Roopnarine, who died on September 16
from a beating in which she suffered two broken ribs
 and blunt force trauma to the chest.
ALMOST a month after the beating death of Chaguanas toddler Kimora Roopnarine, police are still seeking to obtain the medical records of the child. 

Police said they are waiting for officials of the Chaguanas Health Centre to hand over the records of little Kimora, where she was examined the day she died. 

The infant, of Phyllis Lane, Enterprise, died on September 16 from a beating in which she suffered two broken ribs and blunt force trauma to her chest. 

She was pronounced dead at the Chaguanas District Health Facility where she was taken by a 24-year-old male relative. He told medical personnel she was gasping for breath. 

The child’s 23-year-old mother was also interviewed by investigators. Police said Kimora was dropped off at a day care centre, near her family’s home, on the morning before she died. 

Police said that at least dozen persons have been interviewed in the murder investigation but the case remains open. 

An investigator said that the medical report might give a further insight into the injuries on the child's body. 


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