Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bus Crashes on Charlotteville Hills

A Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) omni bus skidded off the road and hit a concrete railing at Charlotteville Hill, Tobago today.

Bus driver Allister Victor had departed the Bus Terminus for Charlotteville around 4:30 am, PTSC stated in a press release.

Victor told police he was approaching the second ‘hairpin’ corner on the Charlotteville Hill, when the bus began skidding. The front of the bus hit a concrete railing on the right side of the roadway, preventing the vehicle from going over a steep precipice.

PTSC stated that there were four passengers on board the bus at the time of the accident. There were no reported injuries.

Fire Services visited the scene and washed diesel off the roadway. 

"This diesel was reportedly spilled onto the roadway by a dump truck prior to the accident, and was responsible for the bus skidding out of control. The Police also reported that their vehicle experienced skidding on the said Charlotteville Hill while attempting to reach the scene of the accident," PTSC stated.


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