Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two Year Old Baby Bitten By Pitbull In Tobago

BITE WOUNDS: Mourise Glod and her son
 Nickoli Blackman, recovering following a
 pitbull attack on Thursday.
Photo: Elizabeth Williams
A two-year-old boy and a 17-year-old teenager were yesterday recovering from their injuries following an attack by a pitbull in the village of Plymouth, Tobago on Thursday night. 

Nickoli Blackman was said to be lucky to be alive following the pitbull attack. Several bite wounds were seen around his buttocks, when the Sunday Express visited the family at their Plymouth home. 

His mother Mourise Glod said she was walking along Commissioner Street, Plymouth when the dog broke away from its owner and attacked her son. The pitbull then went after the teenage boy. 

“And as I was trying to lift him up with one hand, (the dog attacked) and that was it.”

Glod said she was worried her son was going to die and screamed for help. “I started to scream. The owner Vincent Taylor ran out try to prise open the (dog’s) jaw and all that. When we got him out Mr Taylor took me to the hospital. He also purchased the antibiotics.” 

Describing the incident as unfortunate and praising the owner for accepting full responsibility in the matter, she also asked that tougher legislation be implemented to treat with dangerous dogs. 

“The dog issue is a serious one in Trinidad and Tobago. The pitbulls, they are deadly. I find people should not have pitbulls throughout Trinidad and Tobago.” The dog was later shot by police officials who arrived on the scene.


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