Thursday, December 26, 2013

Golden Lane Man, Guilty of Wounding Neighbor

DANIEL James, also called ‘Danny’ James, of Sea View Trace, Golden Lane, has been placed on a bond in the sum of $50,000 to keep the peace and be of good behavior for a period of three years after he was found guilty of wounding his neighbor, Lawrence Bacchus during a dispute over property relating to a parking spot in 2007. 

James was also ordered to pay $18,000 in compensation to Bacchus who according to evidence, was chopped on the hand during the confrontation. 

James was sentenced by Madame Justice Maria Wilson in the Scarborough High Court last Monday.

He was found guilty by a jury, at the close of the trial about two weeks ago, of wounding Bacchus with intent to do him grievous bodily harm during the incident on September 9, 2007 at Sea View Trace. 
The State’s case was led by State Prosecutor Anju Bhola, while James was represented by attorneys
Avion Gill and Kern Edwards.

Evidence was led by Bhola that on the day of the incident, around 5:45 am, Bacchus returned home from Trinidad and found a car belonging to Alvin James, Daniel’s father, parked in his yard. 

The court heard that Bacchus asked Alvin on several occasions to move his car, and when he finally did, Bacchus parked his car in the yard. 

Later, the court was told, Daniel came home and inquired from relatives whether they were ‘afraid’ of Bacchus, following which he drove his vehicle into the yard towards Bacchus on about three occasions.

The court heard that at one point Bacchus slapped the bonnet of Daniel’s vehicle, and afterwards took up a stone. According to evidence, Daniel left the scene and returned with a hammer, accompanied by three brothers. The court was told that a confrontation ensued, during which Bacchus was held in a headlock while attempts were made to hit him with a hammer. 

The court heard that missiles were also thrown, one of which struck the brother holding Bacchus in the headlock, while a vehicle’s windscreen was also shattered. 

During the continuing melee, Daniel attacked Bacchus with a cutlass, during which Bacchus was chopped on the hand, the court was told. 

Following presentation of the evidence from the prosecution and the defense, Daniel, who had pleaded not guilty, was found guilty by the nine-member jury.


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