Monday, December 2, 2013

Probe Launched Into Teens Death: says Rev Frank

Keron Williams died in Pentecostal
Light and Life's cross country 
race last Friday 
The Rev Dr Glenroy Frank, chairman of the board of Pentecostal Light and Life school in Tobago, yesterday confirmed an internal investigation has been launched into the death of 15-year-old Keron Williams.

Williams died following a road race event on Friday on the outskirts of his school at Sangster’s Hill.

Frank told the Express he knows when a child is lost under one’s care there are several questions, and those questions will be answered in the shortest possible time. “At the conclusion of our internal investigations, we will be sure to answer these questions appropriately,” said Frank.

He expressed his deepest sorrow for the loss of a pupil of Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation Multifaceted Educational Complex.

Frank said to him it is a personal loss and his prayers and encouragement are with the family members, teachers and pupils. “I would like to assure them that the suffering of this time is not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed. No one expected Keron to have left us so soon, which is testimony to the fact that life is so fragile, and it is never a fortunate thing when a person this young departs from us.

“The only thing that we are left with is the consolation that we would have known him for 15 years,
which memories must be cherished, and that our prayers and our support goes out to the family as they go through this personal tragedy,” Frank added.

He said it is most unfortunate such an incident occurred in his absence, as he is overseas at present. However, he will be returning soon to deal with the matter, and will be taking steps in which the school and Pentecostal Light and Life Church can reach out to the family in full support at this time.

“We have already began making our own internal investigations to determine the circumstances surrounding this incident, as these matters are subject to misinformation due to its sensitive nature. We will be sure to ascertain the facts of this incident and also learn from the findings, which will help us shape the future.”

Family members in Pentlands, Plymouth, remained in shock yesterday. Relatives said he was a very helpful person who loved playing football.


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