Friday, November 29, 2013

Breaking News: Form 2 Student Collapse and Die During Cross Country Event

A form 2 male pupil of the Pentecostal Light and Life foundation collapsed and died during the Cross Country event earlier this morning. 

News reaching the TobagoDaily is that upon reaching the bottom of Sangsters Hill the lad fell to ground and became unconscious. There were no ambulance on standby for the event as emergency units would have written to the School stating their unavailability for the event. He was eventually taken to the Scarborough Hospital.

Even a midst the tragic and damning event of the morning, school children were still seen engaged in the Cross Country event. 

Persons have begun questioning the Board and Principal of the Pentecostal Light and Life foundation while some have demanded answers for they believed was negligence regarding the safety of the pupils participating in the event. 

The event which was carded for last Friday was reschedule for Today, as police were unable to provide their services to the school. Stay tuned for more information.   


  1. It is reckless, foolish, erroneous and irresponsible to make statements that participants continued the event knowing what transpired. Common sense would dictate that they would only have known the outcome after the event. Furthermore several details in your story are also erroneous. If one is involved in journalism, one should attempt to stick to the high ideals of the profession, which includes accuracy of content, fairness and integrity.

  2. a) doctors explained that student had an existing condition that would have killed him no matter what he was doing
    b) the ambulance was on call as there are not enough for them to have one stationed at the event.
    c) the student collapsed a few metres away from the police escort who immediately took him to the hospital
    d) The school did not know he died until hours later


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