Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hilton Sandy still off the Job. Residents affected.

SOME villagers in Roxborough and Delaford say they feel they are being ignored since their area representative, Hilton Sandy, had a stroke in September.

Sandy has been recuperating at his Bacolet home since October 5. Interim measures were announced by Chief Secretary, Orville London, after he admitted that Sandy would not be able to function as Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (DIPU) or as area representative for Roxborough and Delaford for an indefinite period.

Since then, the area has been covered by London, Deputy Chief Secretary, Tracy Davidson-Celestine and Secretary for Education, Gary Melville, who have alternately liaised with constituents on a Friday. London has taken over Sandy's role in the DIPU.

A resident of Louis D’or, Renson Williams told Tobago News that he has not seen much of the temporary representatives. He says Sandy used to make regular visits to the Roxborough district.

Keeva Bobb from Powder Hill, claims the absence of Sandy means ongoing projects to improve the area are being ignored.

“Since after the election the road has not been fixed. Promises were made and work was started on the road. It has big stones and gravel and when the rain comes it is now just being washed away,” says Bobb, who says she is unaware of the plans of the temporary representatives for the area.

Leith Lewis, who lives in Roxborough, admits that although “things may be a little off” it is not by much. However, he says that the areas of Roxborough and Delaford are getting less attention than before Sandy's stroke and he prays things will get better soon.

Sandy, who is a former Deputy Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), is a long service member of the THA. He was left unable to speak or move his right side following his stroke on September 21. The latest update on his condition from the THA stated that he is now able to make slight movements on his right side and has started to speak a few words. He is expected to undergo speech therapy.

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