Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Breaking News: Movie Style Heist in Trinidad: Security guard shot dead

A SECURITY guard was shot and more than a quarter million dollars is suspected to have been stolen by thieves who hijacked an armoured vehicle this morning in Macoya. 

Police have launched a massive search for the killers, locking down the major highways in North and Central Trinidad, and conducting police patrols along the major roadways in south Trinidad. 

Around 4.30 a.m. a van owned by Sentinel Security Limited with two employees was headed east along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. 
Police said when in the vicinity of Johnson and Johnson Limited, the security van was struck from behind, and the driver stopped. 

The occupants in the vehicle behind opened fire, hitting the security officer in the passenger seat several times. He died at the scene. The officer in the driver's seat ran out of the van and hid in the bushes, while the thieves raided the van and stole the loot. A portion of the highway was closed, causing traffic gridlock, as police steered vehicles onto secondary roads.

Police are currently at the scene. 

Source: trindadexpress

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