Sunday, March 23, 2014

$80m Dollar Road Repair Project for Tobago

SAFETY concerns over sections of the Bacolet connector road that runs from the traffic lights up-town Scarborough to the Rockly Vale traffic lights will be dealt with as part of a $80m road repair and repaving exercise by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA). 

The wavy, uneven surface between Sergeant Cain junction and Piggott Street in Scarborough has been a worry for drivers, especially as it forms a main artery leading into the town. It is one of 70 roads that will be fixed over a six month period.

Secretary for Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Gray Melville, says that the repaving exercise on the Bacolet connector road should take one week but a suitable start date has yet to be decided. He explains that the expected traffic disruption along that route requires that measures are put in place to accommodate drivers before the exercise begins, and that the shortage of bitumen from Trinidad may also affect the start date of project.

Other areas that will be fixed include Station Hill to Lammy in Roxborough and the Old Milford Road that passes through Lambeau. The latter will begin in two weeks and when completed motorists using the Shaw Park roundabout to go south will be able to avoid the Claude Noel Highway with greater ease, according to Melville. 

However, the Bailey Bridge near the fishing facilities in Lambeau remains an issue. The Secretary says that businesses will be invited to submit designs for the bridge while the contractors work to widen the Old Milford Road. 

Melville says that the THA will spend $26m, more than 25 percent of the budget, on repairing the Milford Road, fixing the bridge near the abattoir in Lambeau and widening two culverts in Pascall Village. 
Seereeram Brothers Limited, Trinidad Contractors Limited and Warner Brothers Limited as well as workers from within the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities will work on completing the six-month road rehabilitation project.


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