Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shaw Park Roundabout Opened

CUTTING THE RIBBON: Gary Melville, second from right, 

Secretary of Division of Infrastructure & Public Utilities, 
cuts the ribbon on Friday to formally open the Shaw Park
 Roundabout in Tobago. Looking on from left are
 Secretary of Tourism and Transportation Tracy Davidson-Celestine, 
Assistant Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities Handel Beckles
 and THA Chief Secretary Orville London.
The Shaw Park Roundabout was officially opened yesterday, the third on the island, to help facilitate an easier flow of traffic into Scarborough.  
To further improve the commute into Tobago’s main town, Secretary for the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities at the Tobago House of Assembly Gary Melville said Milford Road’s bridges will be rebuilt to give motorists an alternative route into and out of Scarborough.
In a release from the THA yesterday, Melville said: “Within the next 12 months we plan to re-develop Milford Road as a parallel route to the Claude Noel Highway. 
Two culverts in Lambeau and two bridges will be reconstructed at a cost of $26 million to create more options for motorists. We also plan to build more roundabouts at major intersections over the next financial year or two.”
Melville said the Shaw Park Roundabout, Tobago’s third modern roundabout in two years, came in on budget at $8 million.
Melville said the project, which began in September 2013 was faced with several challenges and while it may have caused temporary discomfort for motorists, it will bring about significant change to the traffic management patterns on the island.
Melville noted that it was his predecessor, Hilton Sandy, who is currently receiving treatment in the US for a stroke he suffered last month, who had the vision to develop Tobago, leading to the creation of these roundabouts. He added that several other projects are on stream for delivery.
“The bypass (will be) from Mt Marie to Smithfield, Plymouth Road to Orange Hill Bypass, Breeze Hall Road. We now have to plan our travel well and I ask for the cooperation and patience of the people of Tobago as we seek to enhance Tobago’s road network,” he said. 
THA Chief Secretary Orville London said Sandy recognised and understood that development has a price and not developing had a cost.
“If you don’t develop you will be overtaken and overwhelmed. We have a responsibility to develop Tobago regardless of the price, and despite the criticisms,” London was quoted as saying in the release.
He pointed to the Shaw Park Cultural Complex, located a few feet away from the roundabout, which he said will be better than any in the region.
Earlier, Assistant Secretary in the Division, Handel Beckles said the Division had started the conversation on change with alternative traffic routes into and out of Scarborough.

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