Thursday, June 5, 2014

Trinidad and Tobago Player Bows to Lionel Messi

Guerra bow to Messi during the handshakes. What a groupie.. You are on a T&T professional team. Act normal
Lionel Messi has never been short of plaudits, but having an opponent bow down to him must be a new experience. 

The Barcelona star was representing his country in a World Cup warm-up match against Trinidad and Tobago. 
As the players exchanged pre-match handshakes, midfielder Ataullah Guerra passed the Argentine and instead of a handshake gave him a different greeting by bowing down.

Fans were divided by the act, with some appearing pleased that the Trinidad and Tobago player showed a touch of humanity and reverence, and others ashamed of his "groupie" unprofessional actions. 

Indeed this extremity and granduer treatment would not be offered to Messi during the World Cup which is set to begin in seven days. 

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