Monday, July 14, 2014

Barrington Skippy Thomas gives Kamla a Grade 'D'

A Vagrant Sleeps on a Bench in Trinidad
I visited Tobago recently and after kissing my 5 year old niece, I asked her what she came in test and she replied A+. being very confused I turned to her mother who explained to me that kids are no longer graded 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. but are now graded A,B C etc. So I have to keep up with the times and grade sister Kamla. because I cant place her last.

I am a very unhappy person in Trinidad and Tobago. Maybe it is because I am a Marxist / Socialist. The subject of vagrancy had been a sore point from since Mary were calling the cattle home. And lest our memory got lost in a fog of uncaringness I seek to remind you briefly about some horrors of vagrancy that plagued us as a citizenry.

A lady going about her own business on Frederick Street was struck in the face by a street dweller quite unprovoked. The streets have become a facility for defecation and urination by street dwellers. The washroom facility at City gate have been converted literally into a private spa for street dwellers to use as they please. While I have no objection with a street dweller smashing the glass at the Parliament building on Wrightson Road, the horrors of street dwelling stared our nation's leaders directly in the face and this finally prompted some action.

Citizens of the Republic what existed before was a very convoluted process to treat with street dwellers. There was former Mayor of Port of Spain Louis Lee Sing whose attempts to remove street dwellers being met with outcries of human rights abuses. A unit at the Ministry of the People and Social Development named the Social Displacement Unit whose Executive Director Mrs Reyes Borrel receiving a salary of $30,000.00 a month for eight years and had not removed a single vagrant from the street. The police not seeing vagrancy as their problem unless some act of violence had been perpetrated. The Ministry of Health not wanting to act because they viewed the problem as one that belonged to the Ministry of Local Government. But when the "shit" hits the fan the Ministry of the People and Social Development had to own the problem.

So a stakeholder meeting chaired by me with all the parties involved was convened and the solution to the problem was the creation of an Inter Agency Unit. this Unit was launched at the Salvation Army Headquarters at Henry Street one Friday evening and a way forward bearing fruits was achieved. The Manager of the Unit was Mr Andrew Boodoo deputised by Senior Superintendent Sterling Hackshaw. Several removal exercise was employed (all voluntary removal) and over 120 persons was removed from the street. When removed the client was taken to Pastor Awong's Transform Life Ministries at Arouca, where Pastor Awong would scrub, clean and sometimes remove worms from the clients delivered to him. He would nurse them back to health. Some suffering from maladies including substance abuse, mental retardation, stress, Hiv / Aids, Tuberculosis to name a few. The officials at Transform Life Ministries would continue by getting birth papers, national id cards and initiate contact with the clients relatives. From there they would be transferred to the New Horizon facility at Piparo where they would participate in an intense programme teaching life skills, rehabilitation techniques music and skill enhancement.

It is quite unfortunate that when Sis Kamla assumed reigns of the Ministry the first thing she did was to fire the manager and his deputy. Then cried crocodile tears that it wasn't her and she knew nothing about it. Whether this is so or not I cannot tell because Kamla can be as charming as a dove and as dangerous as a serpent. But what I do know is that Mrs Reyes Borrell who has a relationship with the Permanent Secretary Simeon Yearwood that from all appearances is much more than a working relationship was always a thorn in the side of the IAU if only for the fact that it exposed her as uncaring or unprofessional and a dismal failure. So the unit is not functioning and on the brim of shutting down, And what have remained of it is further debilitated by the office slut Ms Sarah Rambaran who after having a lunch time beer is readily available for performing oral sex on any body that wants one. I must hasten to admit I had my fair share.

Therefore I am forced to ask, is sister Kamla and Simeon Yearwood hatred for me so much that they shut down a successful project to hurt my feelings. But I warn them with an old Tobago saying," bat turned its bottom in the air to shit on God and end up shitting on its own self." The following pictures were taken today. Please grade Sis Kamla.

By: Barrington Skippy Thomas.
Advisor to the Minister of the People and Social Development.
(Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar).

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