Sunday, July 13, 2014

Two Murders, A "Bloody" Week in Tobago.

Nigel Fraser aka Redman being assisted by friends after being shot 6 times near his business

Two murders in two days in Tobago. 
This as businessman Nigel Fraser aka “Redman” from Trinidad, was shot in Scarborough yesterday morning  and later died at hospital. 

The businessman, who operated a clothing store next to Royal Castle in Scarborough, was shot six times after three men approached him shortly after 10 a.m. Fraser was originally from Trinidad but lived at Sangster’s Hill. He was shot in the stomach, head, shoulder and chest. 

After slipping in and out of consciousness, he died on the operating table at the Scarborough General Hospital. 

“Redman” as he is known, was at his clothing store, when three men approached. Two wore masks. 
Fraser was also known for his signature gold chains, one with a large pendant of the coat of arms. 
Officers told the Sunday Express robbery appears to be the motive. 

Fraser was taken from the scene by friends who assisted in transporting him to hospital. 
When an ambulance arrived, police sent it back, saying that Fraser had already been taken to hospital.

Eyewitnesses said three men were observed running away from the clothing store operated by Fraser and his son. 

Onlookers said one man was wearing a white shirt and pants, while two other men were wearing masks, one with a pistol pointed to the ground as he ran from the scene. 

The masked men made their escape in a waiting gold Nissan Almera car while the other made his escape on foot through the streets of Scarborough. 

An all points bulletin was sent out for anyone observing the vehicle to contact the nearest police station. 
This is the second gun-related crime in Tobago in two days. 

The murder toll in Tobago now stands at four. 

Several people have been questioned in the matter and the Homicide Bureau is continuing investigations.


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