Sunday, October 5, 2014

Big Big Piece of Tobago for Sale

Paradise: A 300-acre estate on the island of Tobago, one of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago's twin islands, has hit the market with an asking price of £10m

In the UK daily mail a sizable portion of the North East of Tobago was seen for sale. The parcel of land is a 300-acre estate off the coast of L'Anse Fourmi with a stunning market price of £10m or 106 Million TT. 

The add stated "Forget spending a few thousand pounds for a brief stay in paradise on a Caribbean island... buy your own piece of idyllic coastline....". The add further advised those with deep pockets to take advantage of this offer and secure a chance to own piece of the Island. 

The land in question is located near the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, which is one of the oldest protected national parks and is blessed with the scenic views of the Caribbean sea's coastline, sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters. 

This sizable portion of Tobago is prime to fall in the hands of Aliens, who more or less may not have the best interest of the island at heart, but somehow sees this a profit making capitalist endeavor. Nevertheless, the current owners, Anse Fourmi Beach Resorts Ltd, are willing to consider a joint venture with suitable partners or an outright sale of their freehold interest. 

Currently, the Tobago House of Assembly has made the process of land ownership by Aliens a tedious process. Through the Tobago land Acquisition Order 2007, all foreign investors desirous of purchasing any land in Tobago are required to obtain a licence. However, Six regions on the island of Tobago were designated as tourism related development areas they include: 

 Arnos Vale and Culloden Estate;
·    Bacolet Estate;
·    Buccoo and Golden Grove Estate;
·    Englishman’s Bay;
·    Lowlands (including the Tobago Plantations Development) and Diamond Estate; and
·    Mount Irvine and Grafton Estate. 

Currently, L' Ance Fourmi is not on the list and any application for investor may have to endure a process that is very lengthy.


Location: Where the stretch of land is on the island of Tobago has hit the market with an asking price of £10m

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  1. As a country, we should never allow this kind of sale to go through to foreigners. Where did they even acquire 300 acres?

    Absolute madness... we'll end up like Barbados with the Brits buying up almost every inch of the island! Very sad


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