Monday, November 17, 2014

Teen dies at Tobago School Cross Country

There must be review of the Divisiom of Education's Policy as it relates to hosting Cross Country events at schools. Akeisha Crandon is the second student in recent times to have lost her life after entering the marathon event. There must be a level of responsibility by the Division of Education to ensure that if these events are hosted, proper measures are in place and that consent is received from parents allowing their child/children to enter such a demanding physical event. 

It cannot be business as usual when lives are being lost. The immense grief, pain and sorrow that families must endure cannot be quantified, while those in authority utter feeble condolences in the face of gross malpractices and poor sport management. 

There must be the implementation of a policy that directs and guides the operation and execution of these events. If found to be useful, the policy must treat with the presence of emergency personnel, the maximum length of the race,the medical condition of students who wish to participate and consent forms from Parents of those who wish to participate (to name few). 

As such, in the absence of these and other requirements, the Secretary of the Education Division should be held responsible and must not be reticent on this reoccurring issue, but must note it with due concern and comment on such a practice instituted at schools in Tobago. They must determine whether Pros outweigh the Cons and make a decision that is in the best interest of all involved. 


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