Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tobago Constitutional Reform a Political Scam

And the Game of Political Football continues, while the people of Tobago Suffers! Another Non Useful Exercise of Constitutional Ole Talk begins, courtesy, Minister Baker through the Ministry of Tobago Development. So Go ahead Tobago, indulge your self, be kicked like the Football you have settled to become, and when the game is ended, you'll recognized that you have lost the match in a worst manner than Brazil's shameful defeat.

Its only a week after branding the Constitutional reform (which was accepted by the Prime Minister) as illegal, that the Ministry of Tobago Development is seeking to present and initiate another design to engaged Tobagonians in the same process that was concluded mere months ago, and to which they categorically refused to be part of.  What sort of Duplication of effort is this? What sort of Wastage is this? both of time and resources! What sort of Tobagonian are you? This is Scandalous and Tobago must WAKE UP! Constitutional Reform has become a Political Game, and your well-being and future remains in the doldrums, because of some Over-Educated, Egocentric Few. 

Tobago, the only way out and forward is a resounding unified front. But this unified front does not exist in the leadership of any Political Party, it rests in the hands of the Masses, NGO's and other non partisan groups whom they have used and reused (for political expediency) over and over again. Time enough to send a resounding 'no nonsense' message, to those bent on keeping the island of Tobago in an everlasting state of Underdevelopment. Let them know that you are not prepared to compromise your future nor your children's future at the expense of these never ending Political Wars. Let them know that you are not prepared to sit idly by and be tossed like a 'shaft which the wind driveth away'. 

Stand up for your Rights, Stand up for your Future and your Children's Future. Let Your Voices be Heard. Stand up and Defend your Dignity and your Island against these Political Soucouyants.    

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