Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Assemblyman Marslyn Melville-Jack Secretary of
 Community Development Enterprise Development and Labor
 and Assemblyman Hayden Spencer Secretary
 of Food Production and Fisheries at Wednesday’s
post Executive Council media briefing (March 9, 2017).
The Division of Food Production and Fisheries will soon establish an Agricultural Revitalization Team, which will help drive the Division’s efforts to enhance food security on the island.

At Wednesday’s post Executive Council media briefing (March 9, 2017), Food Production and Fisheries Secretary Hayden Spencer announced that the Executive Council approved the initiative.

“[The team will] formulate an agricultural revitalization plan to position the agricultural sector in Tobago as a major driver for delivering sustained economic growth,” Spencer said. He added that the team will also guide public and private sector efforts to address “major development challenges facing the sector”.

The team will draw on a “network of partners, consultants and facilitate the best practices in areas” such as diversified production and the management of natural resources.

The Secretary said the agriculture revitalization team will promote a “culture of learning” in his Division, and place focus on “evidence-based programs”.

Spencer said an example of this culture of learning included the Youth Apprenticeship Program in Agriculture ((YAPA) at the Kendal Farm School, which trains young people in both crop and livestock production.

Source: THA

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