Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Barjan Politicians Hails from Bethel Tobago

Shamfa Cudjoe Minister of Tourism and Delmon Baker, former
Minister of Tobago Development
Political Barjans: Bethel has long been known for being a depressed area and for being a crime hot spot in Tobago. Though surrounded somewhat by the coastal beauty of Mt. Irvine and the tranquility and serenity of Carnbee and SouSou lands, the aggression usually consistent within certain strata of society were seen displayed by persons who held and are currently holding high office.

Such was the case yesterday when current Member of Parliament and Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe and former Member of Parliament and Tobago Affairs Minister Dr. Delmon Baker were caught throwing repulsive comments at each other.

Perhaps Tobago is a mill that produces poor examples of politicians or political 'barjans', or perhaps the two were exhibiting repressed social influence, a bi-product of the socialization and influence of their village. Even if neither is not the case, (and we hope so) the truth remains that both former and current MPs via their ugly exchange on social media are indulging in dishonorable behavior.

Indeed it is a poor display of statesmanship when politicians aspire to conduct themselves and engage in a manner that is unbecoming and unseemly. What are the benefits accrued by such irresponsibility? Likes? Support from those you should be an example to? Or is it a ploy to raise the 'ant nest' of blind followers before the THA's election?

It is embarrassing enough for Tobago to be labeled as 'backward' but it is even worst when persons of such caliber, through childish behavior adds meaning to such a label. What is left for our youths to emulate?

We the Tobago Daily cannot support,justify or condoned such aggressive behavioral display,whether virtually or otherwise. It leaves much to be desired and certainly not fitting for persons who aspire to or hold high office.

What we demand is that our politicians (whether in government or not) act with high esteem, morality, integrity and goodwill. We demand that the actions our politicians be honest, fair and worthy of respect. We demand that you perform your duties not only as Ministers, but as examplers and as a role model to our youths.

Get your crooked act together, desist from such frivolous and unprofessional social indulgences. Turn your attention to more productive social media activities. There are members of your constituency and village who are suffering and need your assistance. Always keep in mind that to whom much is given, much is required.

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