Monday, February 25, 2013

$ 60,000 Monthly for Dr. London.

Dr. London, Former Secretary of Finance THA

Dr. Anslem London has rescinded his decision to bow out of public life after indicating in the recently concluded election that he was not interested to continue public service at the end of his last four-year term. However,  an article in Tobago News indicated taht Dr. London has been re-hired as an Advisor to the newly appointed Secretary of Finance Assemblyman Joel Jack,one of his juniors in his last four year term. 
This move by the current administration is consistent with patterns set previously. Charman Neil Wilson, returned  as an Advisor to the then Secretary of Tourism Oswald Williams after he had bowed out at the end of two consecutive terms as councillor and Secretary of the said division.

Wilson’s remuneration package, which was quoted in US dollars amounted to over $70 000, according to figures released in response to a question from the Minority Opposition in the House at the time.

Orville London, Chief Secretary of THA indicated to the media house that any questions to the matter should be directed to Dr. London. However, Dr London refused to comment on the matter.

The media was able to ascertain a response from Secretary of Finance, Joel Jack. Mr. Jack stated that Dr. London’s appointment was approved by the Executive Council recently, and that he was rehired as the Senior Consultant at the Division for a period of two years with effect from February 1. He indicated that  Dr. London would benefit from a monthly retainer of $60,000, which is a flat rate with no allowances attached.  According to Jack, the figure of $60,000 was recommended by HRC Consultants, a management company which specializes in Human Resources. The final figure was negotiated by the Administrator in the Division of Finance. The company, he said, indicated that the salary commensurate with Dr. London’s qualifications would be in the vicinity of $90,000 monthly.

The Secretary noted that Dr London has four university degrees, including a PhD in Economics, with specialization in Monetary Economics and International Trade and Finance and a M.Sc. in Finance and Financial Law. Dr London also has extensive experience in various fields, including development policies, banking and finance, financial law, macroeconomics, monetary economics, international trade and finance and business development.

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