Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Commentary to Email Trail Release By Dr. Keith Rowley

Commentary to Email Trail Release By Dr. Keith Rowley.

I have absolutely no doubt that the emails are true but know that our police who could not even charge Jack Warner for his doings at the Hyatt seen on tape, cannot investigate emails. In reality all that is needed is assistance from the US, the FBI and Interpol. All that has to be proven is that the email was indeed sent from their email addresses.

It does not matter even if by now they would have deleted the emails for even its deletion can be proven and would itself be evidence of the panic and cover up.

There is so much to be said about the inner working of the government as seen in these emails, that this is shocking, indeed criminal. In any other country they would have been resigning by now. They could not survive this in England from which we adopted the Westminster system to which they often conveniently refer.

1. There is evidence of corruption, known to the PM with talk about wanting a helipad.
2. Evidence of how they use the SSA, contrary to laws which they passed concerning the SSA
3. It proves what we always know - that they distribute offices as gifts to achieve their ends. Hence the plan to promote the DPP to the bench so as to remove the threat he appeared to pose in the office of DPP
4. Their use of Facebook to smear opponents. They definitely have paid bloggers
5. The existence of the CABAL is proven. In fact the exchanges have been among the cabal members with the exception of Gary Griffith who came into the picture to get the SSA work done.
6. But the worse is what is implied by Suruj asking about the movement of the journalist whom Anand seem to want to get rid off by any means necessary. And what is the meaning of using a third party to deal with her.

This government has to go NOW.

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