Monday, June 3, 2013

Head of Security Resigns after Protest at Scarborough Hospital

Scarborough Hospital
The head of security at the new Scarborough General Hospital in Signal Hill reportedly became a casualty following a noisy lunchtime protest by daily paid staff of the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) recently. The security head was constructively dismissed, according to staff at the hospital. A well placed source told Tobago News that the official was hauled over the coals by the Board of the TRHA, for his inaction to disband the well-publicized protest activity by aggrieved workers on the delay in paying outstanding arrears to them. “When called upon to report to the TRHA Board about his lack of action on the protest, the officer insisted that he was advised by a superior official not to disband the protesters. Questioned further on who was the person who gave him such instructions he refused to give the name to the Board,” related the source. “During the exchanges, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paula Chester-Cumberbatch remained silent on the issue,” noted the source. “The Board viewed his refusal to name the senior official as insubordination,” declared the source. Contacted on the issue last Wednesday, Secretary of Health and Social Services Claudia Groome-Duke said according to the information given to her, the officer tendered his resignation, which was considered by the Board. Meanwhile, there are reports that several doctors are up in arms with the attitude and behavior of the Medical Chief of Staff (MCOS) Dr. Nathaniel Duke at the hospital. A senior medical source questioned his appointment to the top post saying that according to established requirements, a doctor must have at least 10 years experience for that position. “We do not understand how Dr. Duke was appointed, as the record shows that he arrived here as a Junior Doctor in 2010,” charged the source. “This situation is a source of great disquiet among the doctors at the hospital,” the source revealed. The hospital has been hit with a virtual exodus of several senior medical staff either resigning or going on extended accumulated leave recently. Some have expressed concerns about the quality of health care at the hospital. On this issue Dr. Duke’s MCOS appointment, Secretary Groome-Duke insisted that his appointed was above board. “I am not aware of these concerns. The interview process was fair and transparent,” she remarked.


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