Friday, November 8, 2013

Trinidad Man Freed on charge of Raping His Mother

THE WOMAN who was allegedly raped by her son went to court on Wednesday and asked that the charges be dropped.

The 63-year-old woman told the court  she will get help for her son and that she intends to live in a section of the house apart from him.

Two weeks ago,  the 41-year-old accused was sent for psychiatric evaluation after he appeared in court charged with having sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent and committing grievous sexual assault. 

The alleged incident occurred at the woman’s home on October 13.
Chaguanas Magistrate Gillian Scotland was told on Wednesday that the report from St Ann’s Hospital stated that the accused was of sound mind.

But the court was told that the alleged victim in the case wanted the matter dropped.
Police prosecutor Sgt Shiva Boodoo questioned the woman from the witness stand on her decision, asking if she had anything promised, or if she had  been threatened to discontinue the case.

She said no and also told the court that she will be attempting to get help for her son.
She said her home will be fixed to allow for the man to live in one section of the house.
Without the woman’s testimony, the prosecution would be unable to prove its case.
The matters against the man were discharged.


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