Monday, December 16, 2013

The Tobago Mission Riders Keron Arnold Toys on Wheels

Deseased: Keron Antonio Arnold is remembered by his
Mission Riders Family, who have named thier
annual gift fiving in his name. 
The Tobago Mission Riders Family will today stage our fifth annual Toys on Wheels project; our special way of bringing joy to the hearts of Tobago’s children. We are experiencing a bittersweet moment as we set out today, having recently bade farewell to our beloved brother, friend, son and nephew, Keron Arnold. Bitter, because his blue and white Suzuki JIksa 750 will not ride alongside the rest of our Mission Riders family. Sweet, because we already hear the roar of his new Hiabusa, pumping along heaven’s highways, as he waves in our direction.

We pay tribute to his parents, Ray and Marcia Arnold, and thank them for sharing their precious gift to the world with us over the past four years. Keron, alongside his sibling Raeon, toted bricks; poured concrete; installed the roof, windows, and doors; painted walls; tiled floors; and purchased furniture and linens when we built our Mission Riders house. Then he gave his dedication, loyalty, warmth, wit, friendship, strength, gentleness, unwavering love and commitment to transform the house we built into our Mission Riders Home! There was a special spot in the Suzuki corner of our garage for Keron’s blue machine; a space where we have placed a “Reserved” sign, to keep available for only him, when he makes his frequent visits.

Keron was born with the passion of a biker; loving the exhilaration that comes from the freedom of connecting with life and nature in an unrestricted way, and celebrating the magnificent vistas carved by the hands of the mighty Creator. It was his passion on this earth. After his two families, he loved his bike best. And so it was, while he was sailing along on his bike, he was handed his Angel wings. Tragic, but still somehow comforting to know that in his moment of transition Keron was riding his bike.

Bago Kid Swag! The identity Keron assumed on Facebook and Instagram. The Bago tells of knowing who he was and loyalty to the brand. Kid, because even as he became a man, his boyish charm, impish smile, and purity of spirit never changed. Swag, because he had the attitude that said, I am Bad because God is my centre and I know who I am! He left us early. Some souls like Keron take short earthly journeys because they fulfil their earthly purpose in quick time. Many others struggle to get it right. And so God has called him to early Angel duty because many of us need his help.

Today, we will set out on The Tobago Mission Riders Keron Arnold Toys on Wheels V exercise, distributing toys and Christmas hampers to families around Tobago. This is our signature event that Keron helped to create. Over the years he spent many tiring but rewarding moments raising funds, wrapping toys and packing hampers, and then distributing them with pure joy and much laughter. He was actually on his way to meet the family at a fund raising exercise when God took him home. 

Toys on Wheels this year will not be the same. The best way we believe we could honour Keron’s memory is to ensure that this event continues to grow and bless many more families. We dedicate Toy Ride 2013, and all others in the future, to his memory. We have therefore renamed the event in his honour. We know he will be heading up our convoy of motorcycles today.

Keron Rider! We love you! We thank you! We miss you! We salute you! We celebrate you! May you Ride with the Angels and Soar with the Saints.

Ride Free Mission Rider! Live to Ride; Ride to Live!


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