Sunday, September 7, 2014

Woman Arrested for allegedly littering an ATM receipt in Tobago

Hand of a woman who was arrested by off duty officer
 for alledgedly dropping her ATM receipt on the floor

The picture to the left shows one of the lacerations suffered by a female after an off duty Tobago male Police officer attempted to make an arrest at the port authority compound. The event unfolded as the off duty officer stood in line waiting to withdraw funds at the ATM. 

The female was accused of dropping several ATM receipts on the floor and was ordered to clean them up. Upon signalling that she did not drop any paper and refusing to comply, the off duty officer attempted to make an arrest while calling for back up. 

After much commotion and struggle, the female was wrestled to the ground and two handcuff placed on her hand. She was arrested and charged for littering and resisting arrest.

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