Sunday, May 5, 2013

Son, Mother and Father Gunned Down

A WOMAN who planned on living next to the Diego Martin couple who were murdered on Friday packed her newly purchased furniture, which was still wrapped in plastic, and moved out yesterday.

It brought to an end six months of saving, planning, casting a foundation and building a small house in the unregulated community on Pierre Felix Road, off Diego Martin Main Road, with everything having been paid for in cash.

“Not me and here, nah,” she said, as she solicited the help of friends to move out her items so that they could be picked up by a van she had hired.

The neighbour’s exodus came in the wake of the triple murder of 32-year-old Timothy James and his parents, George James and Theresa Nelson, on Friday afternoon outside their home.

That followed the killing earlier Friday afternoon of 17-year-old Andre Ross at Sierra Leone Road, also in Diego Martin.

Another neighbour who chose to stay in the Pierre Felix Road area said it was the couple’s son, James, a gang member, who caused their deaths “by bringing his sh.. home”.

“You see me... me eh see nothing, but that boy was in real thing and now he parents hadda pay,” she said.

George James, 50, and Theresa Nelson, 55, were gunned down shortly after 5 p.m. on Friday, when four armed members of a rival gang pounced on Timothy James as he sat outside his parents’ home.

He was shot twice in to the head and was killed instantly, but when his parents walked out of their house to see what happened the gang members opened fire on them and even ran after George James and gunned him down just a few feet from his home.

The killers then hurried down the crudely constructed track that led to the couple’s home and escaped.

Surviving members of the James family could not be found yesterday.
The Sunday Express was told the couple’s younger son began staying with friends elsewhere about three days prior to the shooting, as he felt something bad was coming their way.

He explained this to neighbours as the reason he was leaving.

The couple’s daughter was working on Friday evening and was told about the murder of her parents while she was on the job.

They were not in the area yesterday as the James home remained tightly shut.

Friday’s first incident in Diego Martin occurred at 3.30 p.m., when Ross was murdered.

His distraught mother, Michelle Ross, spoke to the Sunday Express and said she could not understand why her son was shot dead.

Police said Ross, who lived at Mercer Street, Diego Martin, was attacked in broad daylight as he walked along Sierra Leone Road.

Michelle Ross wept as she spoke.

“He would have been 18 years in December and I struggled and mind him, but Andre was not the type to be in no gang. He never kill nobody. He wasn’t that type of child.

“The most he would do is make joke. If yuh was vex, he made you happy because he’s not the type of child who would hold any­thing in his mind. He loved his brothers and sisters, he really loved them.”

She explained that yesterday there was supposed to be a birthday party in the Mercer Road area and she bought two T-shirts for him to attend, but around 5 p.m. on Friday she got the message that her son had been killed.

Homicide Bureau and Western Division police officers are continuing investigations into the murders.

They said they were seeking the public’s assistance in the identification of the killers, and left posters with a contact number for potential witnesses to contact them.


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